Read what past and present players have to say about SwingCity and our coaches.

Keri is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her values-centered guidance challenged me as a player and is continuing to guide me well beyond my playing career. Her knowledge and her willingness to put her players and team first is unmatched. Keri’s uplifting, positive, and fun personality make her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor, and the lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to live a life based on my goals and dreams no matter how big they may be. Keri is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intelligent, sincere, and deeply passionate coach. 

Nicole Sleith

Assistant Coach at Seton Hill / Former player for Keri Meyer at RMU

Keri is the best coach I ever had in my 16 years of playing softball. During my junior year Keri came on staff at Robert Morris University and not only raised my offensive numbers dramatically, she also helped me be a confident player and person. Keri helped me learn a lot about myself that I will continue to use in my life. She is extremely passionate in the game of softball and is invested in all 

Of her players. When I graduated college I was not sure what I wanted to do career wise, but she is an important reason why I started to get into college coaching. She has not only helped me be a better player on the field she has also helped me have the confidence today giving back to college softball players and passing down what she has taught me. I trust Keri in what she does and I highly recommend her for any aspiring athlete to reach their true capabilities. 

Ashley Gerhart

Assistant coach at Manhattanville College / Former player for Keri Meyer at RMU

Keri Meyer is the best hitting and fielding coach that you could have for your child.  Our eight year old son Nico has been taking baseball  lessons from Keri for 6 months; and has never had so much fun working so hard.  Every single week our son looks forward to his baseball  lesson and loves his time spent with Keri.  Keri’s coaching style starts with the basics and she builds on it each and every week.  As great as Keri’s coaching style is; it’s the type of person that keeps Nico coming back to take lessons from her.  Keri is a good and honest person; and she’s a wonderful role model for our son Nico.  We are so honored that she is in our Nico’s life.  

Jenny Trigona

Player Parent

The many times I worked along side Keri were amazing. Her ability to adapt to the many different approaches to fielding and hitting that are needed to be successful. The way she could convey her style and get her clients to understand her was also amazing. I only wish she was in NY so I can hand my two daughters over to her so she can mold them into the great athlete she once was.  

Frank Rodriguez

Former MLB player / Owner of 33Rodz Baseball/ College Coach at SUNY Maritime College

I have really enjoyed lessons with Keri and not only have they greatly benefited my hitting process for the many years that I have trained with her but they have also made me a better player all around. 

Sarah Seamans

Freshman Pitt Softball / Lesson of 5 years

As a former player of Keri Meyer’s, I can say there is no better in the business when it comes to shaping young women into not only better ball players but also better people.  Keri, in a very short amount of time taught me a great deal about who I was as a player.  She gave me constant new perspectives on ways to improve my game with professional, high level instruction.  Keri has treated me as her apprentice in a sense & has furthered my career in softball into the coaching world with her knowledge and guidance. She is passionate, reliable, and does everything with a great deal of integrity. I highly recommend Keri as a coach and instructor for all players interested in being pushed to the best of their ability, along side someone who truly cares for them and their well being.  

Sam Santillo

Former player of RMU / Head Coach at Monroe College 

I’ve been going to Keri for over 4 years now. She has helped me to overcome my challenges at the plate, and I have become a much more aggressive and mechanically sound hitter. Along with being a good coach, Keri is super easy to get along with and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

Billie Aguglia

North Catholic Class of 2020 

As a former player of Keri Meyer I can say that she was one of the most dedicated coaches that I have ever experienced. I was personally taught discipline, work ethic and accountability during our time together.  She is extremely amorous and dedicated to each and every one of her players. She is very open to different styles of coaching depending on the player she is is trying to improve.  With Keri Meyer my offensive IQ was greatly improved during our time spent together.  My game knowledge also improved as I watched and learned from Keri’s coaching style. I highly recommend young players find a way on to a field with Keri if they are looking for constant improvement & dedication to themselves as individuals in their sport. 

Jordan Gurganus

Former player at RMU / Assistant Coach Monroe at College

I was lucky enough to have met Keri Meyer in 2009.  Instantly I realized she was a student of the game. Keri’s knowledge,insight and attention to detail let me know that she had passion and love for the game. She takes the time to develop and work with all of her athletes based on their individual needs. This has led her to be one of the top coaches I have ever worked with. 

 Elliott Ayala

Former player in Milwaukee Brewers Organization / Assistant Baseball Coach at Monroe College

My daughter has been working with Keri Meyer with hitting and some fielding for about two years. I cannot be more pleased with the quality of instruction Keri gives along with the right coaching to help build confidence in such a young player. Keri is extremely knowledgeable in the game and has helped to transform my daughter’s swing by understanding her stance and positioning her body correctly to be a successful hitter. It is a great experience to work with someone like Keri who can compliment a player and also deliver the instruction needed to correct and enhance their skills.

Coach Jim Westwood

Parent/Travel Ball Coach

Keri knows the game so well and makes it easy to understand things. She has helped me become more and more comfortable with my swing after every lesson and has helped me find my love for the game again.

Tayven Rousseau

Lesson and Current Player on St. Francis Softball Team